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Mobile Optimization and Why It Is Important

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When you are in the midst of creating product listings or designing a brand store how often do you think about how these pages may look on mobile devices? When we are building stores we could have desktop tunnel vision because we are oftentimes working from a desktop. This is a critical mistake for sellers as data from the first quarter of 2020 has shown that two-thirds of all brand store visits were made from mobile devices. That is an astronomical amount of your customer base potentially viewing a brand store that is not optimized for mobile use. This can be costly because customers tend to steer away from a buggy store page or may be missing information on products because your images aren’t sized correctly. We have some tips that we employ when we are designing brand stores for our clients to produce the smoothest shopping experience for Amazon buyers.

Preview, Preview, and Preview Again

When adding things to your brand stores such as images or videos always be looking at the preview option to perceive how the store will look to the customer. Luckily this option also comes with a mobile preview, though we suggest that you get off your desktop and jump on a mobile device to preview the mobile option. This will give a true view of the store from a mobile perspective. Cycle through the pages to see if your store’s text and graphics are clear and if the store is simple to navigate. If it is difficult and frustrating to use it may be time for some changes.

Use Amazon’s Tools

To avoid the issue of illegible text or cropped images on the mobile version of stores, Amazon has implemented a tool to create a custom mobile layout. This tool lets one add two versions of images, one optimized for desktop and one for mobile. Now, this option is only for image tiles currently, but Amazon has been on a roll this past year with updates so more options could be coming soon.

Organize and Optimize

Organizing content for an optimal customer experience is the best way to keep buyers on a store page and to get buyers returning. Keep in mind how things will appear on desktop versus mobile. Mobile devices obviously have narrower screens than desktops, this causes a squish of images and other store modules. This could rearrange the order of content, which could cause the message or the intent trying to be sent to buyers to be lost. Navigation menus below your store header also shrink down. It turns into a drop-down menu which is a notorious hassle to use on mobile. Using image tiles or other modules on a store’s landing page that link to other pages makes for easier navigation.

Mobile devices are becoming bigger and bigger and show no signs of stopping as more technology comes out.  At Avalanche we keep up with all of Amazon’s updates and make sure we are using all tools to sell for our key partnered brands. If you want to remain relevant and successful you must embrace these changes and keep up with the tech so you don’t get left in the dust. Always keep in mind mobile viewing whilst creating or editing stores, listings, or A+ content.


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