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Amazon Stores and Some of Their Features

January 15th, 2021 Posted by 3rd party sellers, Advertising, Amazon, Brand Management, Seller Central 0 thoughts on “Amazon Stores and Some of Their Features”

There is a valuable feature when it comes to editing and building your Brand Store. Creating and scheduling different versions of the same store for any occasion. With the ability to create multiple versions of one brand store you can prepare in advance for seasonal promotions, new product launches, or major design updates. Possessing this tool makes it easy to customize your store so it stays fresh and relevant at all times.

Create and Schedule

Design as many versions as you like for holidays, sales, or other special events. Schedule a time for the store to go live and it will activate the new version on that date and time, giving you one less thing to have to worry about. After the set time has expired that version of the page will go dormant and it will switch to your default page or any other versions you have lined up. This isn’t just a neat little feature to be used every once in a while, it is an amazing tool to help you optimize how you run your brand store and schedule for it far into the future. It can make the biggest of differences as well. On average, stores updated in the past 90 days have 35% higher attributed sakes per visitor.

If you haven’t set up any unique versions of your store due to time or not having a store set up at all, reach out to us. Leveraging our experience and unique position as one of the Biggest Amazon 3rd party sellers we can help you, and maximize the revenue and profits.


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