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Getting Insight on Amazon

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Do you keep a close eye on your brand stores after you set them up? Not just to update old or unavailable items on your pages, but to keep watch on how successful your store actually is. Brand store metrics are an essential thing to look through after significant changes to the store, during holidays, after new sponsored brand ads are placed, or just every once in a while to see how well it is going overall. If you own the store you can access these metrics in the Amazon Store interface by clicking the “Insights” tab. We will explain what data is displayed and how it can aid you in optimizing your marketing strategy and identify opportunities to drive traffic to your stores.

You can enter a date range of your choosing to observe the data of those dates. This data includes:

  •  Total visitors and views and their sales.
  • Overall traffic, as well as the sources of the traffic.
    • Organic traffic, Ad Traffic, and Other Sources.
  • Which kind of traffic brought what sales.
  • Views, sales, orders, etc. on each page of your store.


You can also easily export all of this data into spreadsheets to keep a log of it and compare it to other months.

If you have low traffic you may want to consider creating sponsored brand ads, if you haven’t already. If you have, you may want to overview and optimize those ads because they aren’t quite doing their job. If your organic traffic is low consider optimizing your listings to the fullest extent, try and achieve that buy box if possible. If certain pages aren’t doing as well as other pages on your store, make sure you look them over, see to it that you have plenty of products featured and that all products are in stock. The page also shouldn’t be shabby and under-designed compared to your other more successful pages.

When you make a big change to the store, whether it be a redesign, a new set of products or a launch of new ad campaigns always look to see how your metrics react. See if it is a success or if there are issues that need to be addressed. This insight Amazon offers you is a great way to have a finger on the pulse of your buyers. It is a straight reaction to your marketing or store design strategies and will help you drive sales and teaches you what to do and what not to do when setting up a store.


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