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Upcoming Updates on Amazon’s FBA Program

February 5th, 2021 Posted by 3rd party sellers, Amazon, Brand Management, Seller Central 0 thoughts on “Upcoming Updates on Amazon’s FBA Program”

Amazon, yet again, has a new and exciting update for brand owners selling on Amazon. Last week they announced that they would be expanding their FBA New Selection Program, which first began in April 2020. Due to the program’s success, they’re offering new benefits to their enrolled sellers. If this program sounds new to you we will be glad to go over its current and future benefits.

The FBA New Selection Program is a program that motivates brands to list products that are new to its FBA fulfillment program to increase selection on the Amazon Marketplace. This is most beneficial to new FBA sellers or existing sellers with new inventory to add. To be eligible you must be a Professional Seller and have an IPI (Inventory Performance Index) score of at least 400. New sellers or sellers that have not been assigned an IPI score are also eligible. For products to be eligible they must be small standard-sized or large standard-sized items.


This is already what brands enrolled are receiving now. It has become very popular, with over 60,000 enrolled sellers have sent over 680,000 new-to-FBA-ASINs to fulfillment centers. Of course, expansion of the program was on the horizon. Starting on April 2021 new perks will be available.



Avalanche Industries is currently enrolled in this program so partnering with someone like us relinquishes the burdens of shipping, advertising, marketing, infrastructure, and not having to worry about getting rejected in the enrollment process. The best strategy for someone new wanting to enroll in this program is to consult a third-party seller, like us at Avalanche. This gives more time for you and your company to work on your brand and manufacturing. If you are a new brand trying to sell, or an existing brand thinking about entering this FBA program contact us. Also, give us some feedback about your Amazon selling experience or any suggestions for new topics, we love to hear from our followers.


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