The Forgotten Backend Keywords

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Something you may not think about when optimizing your product listings is the backend keywords. It is easy to forget because it is not something that shows up physically on your actual listing. Though, the importance of them is just as great as the information you are providing in your title, bullet points, and descriptions. Amazon is a competitive platform to sell on, and it is highly unlikely that you are the only person selling a particular type of product. To gain an edge over the competition (since they may be forgetful of their own backend keywords), every single detail is important when optimizing your listings, even the ones not seen by the customer. Amazon decides what products show up after a search, and it analyzes a listing’s title, bullet points, descriptions, and backend keywords. If your keywords are poor on your listing, it may not show up at all after a customer searches a relevant phrase.


Wondering where to start with choosing your keywords? Some important things to consider about the product are:

  • Intended Use (what the product is used for)


  • Target Audience (what demographic uses this product)


  • Other Attributes (more specific details about your product)


  • Platinum Keywords: if you are a Platinum Merchant these keywords allow a seller to customize their products in a structure customers see when visiting their storefront. Using this feature, you will be able to maintain a parent-child relationship in their keyword choices. Child products use Platinum Keywords that are also assigned to the associated parent items.



If you’re still stumped on what keywords to start placing in the backend, do some research. If you have advertisements running for certain products, review the search term report in your campaign manager. Look at the question section on the listing to see what the customer thinks about the product, as well as the product reviews. Getting the info straight from the customer is the best way to figure out what keywords or phrases that they are searching for while looking for products.


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