Clean Up & Enforce

Automate, Monitor, and Enforce your MAP Policy.
MAPWatch automates monitoring sellers across multiple platforms.

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Our automated detailed product reports are sent to your inbox every morning.

  • Receive data on violations daily in your inbox
  • Screenshot of where the violation occurred
  • Scan marketplace 4 times a day
  • Login via backend – Export and import reports

Our in-house investigation team will assist you in identifying violating merchants’ contact information.

  • In-house dedicated team
  • Unmask 3rd party seller information
  • Discover aliases and hidden identities
  • Individualized plans

Take MAP enforcement off your plate, with our automated service, MAPWatch

  • MAP policy templates and assistance
  • Integrated MAP policy management within backend
  • Send out and track MAP letters with ease within MAPWatch
  • Send warning, action, and termination letters within backend
Legal Action

MAPWatch is partnered with a legal firm specializing in copyright infringement and trademark. Rest easy as we assist in tightening your legal framework.

  • Custom quotes on specifically tailored MAP Policies
  • Enforcement letter templates and reviewal
  • Consultations with the firm to discuss strategies to enforce your MAP policy 
  • Consultations on trademark and copyright infringement
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