Avalanche Industries: Believing in Your Brands

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The Secret to Success

Avalanche Industries is one of the largest internet retailers. We started in the 1980s as a brick and mortar toy store, but with the internet boom in the 1990s we joined the eCommerce world and can now be found as a seller in every category on Amazon under our DBA Avalanche Brands. We stay true to our roots with our two brick and mortar stores in Bethany Beach, DE while maintaining a strong online presence through our Selbyville, DE team. Avalanche has a full buying team located in Selbyville, as well as New Orleans, LA. They scout the best products on the market in hopes of partnering with businesses to grow both their sales and our volume. Currently, we deal with 80,000 SKUs on Amazon, all of which is made possible by our fantastic team members, devoted exclusive partners, and our thousands of vendors. The secret to our long-term success is our belief in our brand and our clients’ brands.

Next Level Production Service

Avalanche is always taking everything a step further, and Production is no exception. Many third-party retailers do not offer listing optimization and those that do offer only the bare minimum. We set ourselves apart with over 2,000 square feet in studios, in-house, professional photographers, copywriters, graphic artists, and videographers with several years of experience, and top of the line photography, video, software, and recording equipment. We shoot the product both in the studio and take it on location to get the full spectrum of uses and looks. When we sign an Exclusive Partner we generally optimize 10 to 20 listings upfront. That’s anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 in complimentary production services that we offer our clients to show them how serious we are about their brand and product. With their review and approval, we will go on to optimize their whole product line with complementary production services as stated in the Exclusive Partnership.

It’s Not Just Creativity, It’s Consistency

The value of production goes beyond making products look and sound great, but upholding the cohesion of the brand itself. You can have the best website or the most useful product on the market, but if your Amazon page does not match you’re going to lose sales. Our Lead Photographer, Chris Vendetta explains the importance of brand consistency, “As a consumer when I find a great product, then go to Amazon and I see poor images, iPhone box shots, I doubt what I am getting. I worry if it’s a knockoff. I worry it was used. Data shows that doubt on the consumer end will cost you sales long term.” Each Production Associate works with their brand and reps to identify what it is they want to showcase about their brand as a whole, as well on the product level to ensure consumer-friendly consistency.

Hard Work Means Nothing If It Doesn’t Show

Anyone who has optimized a listing on Amazon knows that the most painstaking tasks are getting your images, copywriting, or videos to show on the page. Once it shows, there’s no guarantee that it will continue to show, so essentially all of that production work was for naught. Half of the effort of the Production Team at Avalanche is utilized for their creative skills while the other focuses on maintaining the integrity of the listing. We even have an in-house program that will monitor when our images fall off a listing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon was irritated with how many cases Avalanche submits to them each day to make sure that each of their Exclusive Partners have pristine listings for their products.

No One Buys Products They Can’t Find

One of the key parts of copywriting at Avalanche is keywording. Amazon uses the words in the title as search terms, but you can also add additional words on the back end of the product. Each of our Exclusive products has about 50 keywords in addition to the title saved on the backend to make sure products appear when relevant information is searched. Avalanche also employs a team to handle in-house advertising. Currently, we’re running over 6,000 active campaigns to advertise products. Sponsored product ads appear at the bottom and top of pages when you’re searching and sometimes on the sidebar of related product pages. We ensure that our clients have their merchandise seen as much as possible.

Holding Other Sellers to Higher Standards

In addition to production services, Avalanche also has their own software called MAPWatch. Maintaining brand consistency and integrity starts in pricing. Our software patrols the internet for your product and flags any seller who is discounting below your minimum advertised price. We can then notify our MAPWatch clients with the exact date, time, and name of the MAP violator. There are three different levels for clients depending on how in-depth they want their service. Not only do we value our clients and their products, but we make sure that other sellers and consumers do the same.

You’re Only as Good as Your Partners

At Avalanche we know that we are who we carry. The more successful we are with our sales, the more successful our clients can be. We take all of the work out of selling including optimization, listing monitoring, and fulfillment so that our partners can focus on the growth of their own brand in other ways. The bigger and better one of us gets, the bigger and better the other gets. We develop meaningful relationships with our clients on personal levels, some of whom we’ve known for several years now. Value isn’t just measured in numbers at Avalanche, it’s in the heart and soul of each brand and each client.

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