Our Mission

is to make the transition of a product
from vendor to consumer as seamless as possible.

 Since the advent of e-commerce have come countless companies claiming they own the secret sauce. Whether it’s a marketing software business, a price monitoring company or simply a new retailer, these organizations are popping up daily and hoping to get rich quick by selling your brand on Amazon.com.


For thirty years Avalanche Brands has prospered by being resilient and relentless in retailing hundreds of brands. We believe that when we represent a brand we are tied to it. When your brand grows on Amazon, so does your business and ours. All of our software and services are built in-house allowing us to be hands-on and thorough with every decision we make.


It is not enough to just complete each step. We are always verifying, following up, and double checking to ensure your brand’s integrity and success. In an industry that is constantly evolving, Avalanche is on the forefront with technology, services, and a mentality that will push your brand to new heights.

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