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Boost: Amazon’s 2018 Seller Summit

June 22nd, 2018 Posted by Amazon 0 thoughts on “Boost: Amazon’s 2018 Seller Summit”

On June 20th, Fulfillment by Amazon hosted Boost, the 2018 Seller Summit in Avalanche’s hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. This Summit was a Prime (pun intended) setting to connect with Amazon Representatives and fellow Sellers and boasted the largest attendance of any Amazon conference yet. Sellers had the opportunity to attend a variety of conferences ranging from how to manage inventory to enhanced brand content. It was a day packed full of information and communication.


Amazon exists on a digital plane, making it easy to forget that phone calls and emails have a very human destination. One of the greatest benefits of attending Boost is the possibility to interact with individuals from Amazon. From executives to department managers, attendees were able to meet face to face with people from the other side of the screen. When Amazon and its Sellers unite, it’s an opportunity for flourishing business. With innovations and demonstrations being discussed without barriers, the Boost Summit was an occasion not to be missed by any Seller, including Avalanche.

Avalanche’s Chief Sales Executive Speaking at Boost



Even advanced FBAs, like Avalanche, can benefit from such events. There is always something new to be learned, partially because Amazon is always unveiling recent technologies and features. The summit kicked off with a keynote and then jumped right into Cynthia Williams, Vice President, FBA Business and Operations, discussing what’s next for Amazon. All conference-goers got a sneak peek of the up and coming FBA resources and services to improve Seller experiences. This bit of insight gave attending Sellers a leg up on their competitors, preparing them for their future on Amazon.


The Boost Agenda consisted of five different breakout session time slots. Each session was about an hour long, pausing only for lunch. Sellers could choose between three different sessions to attend, allowing Sellers to customize their day to their needs. If they already have heavy traffic on their listings but have several dissatisfied customers, they could attend the Preventing and Managing Customer Returns session instead of the Increasing Product Visibility session. Breaking down the sessions also creates a more personalized experience. Instead of large assemblies with the whole conference attending, Sellers could sit in smaller groups where it’s easier to listen and to be heard.


Avalanche tries to stay at the forefront of Amazon innovations, utilizing their benefits to the fullest extent, including Small and Light. With over 20,000 products enrolled in the Small and Light program resulting in 6 million in year to date sales, Amazon thought that Avalanche would be a perfect representation of the program’s success. Our Chief Sales Executive, Jeremy Navarre, was invited to speak at the Lower Fulfillment Costs with FBA Small and Light session. He was able to offer a testimonial to other Sellers, explaining the benefits of the program and any bumps we encountered along the way. It was a chance to build the selling community and share some valuable information with one another, and Avalanche was proud to be a part of it.

We hope to see you at Boost 2019 Seller Summit!


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