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New Seller Fulfillment Prime Requirements

February 12th, 2021 Posted by 3rd party sellers, Amazon, Brand Management 0 thoughts on “New Seller Fulfillment Prime Requirements”

Third-party sellers and brands alike have had to adapt to a lot of changes in the past year. Amazon has thrown a new curveball to Amazon sellers when it comes to Amazon Prime and Prime eligibility. They announced these changes to Seller Fulfillment Prime (SFP) in August 2020, but they just went into effect on February 1st. SFP is a fulfillment method that allows professional Amazon sellers to display the Prime badge on orders fulfilled via their own warehouse or third-party logistics providers. To be eligible for this you have to have been a Professional Amazon seller for at least 90 days and must meet some requirements for a trial period of 30 days (sometimes it can be less). These include:

These sellers have the option to show Prime offers and get the attention of countless prime members. Having that badge can often gain more sales for you and shorter delivery times for the customer. However, less than 16% of all SFP orders have been meeting Prime’s two-day delivery guarantee, according to Amazon, mainly because many sellers do not operate on weekends. This is where the new requirements come in:

These new requirements can create issues for sellers. If your warehouse doesn’t already operate on weekends, you’ll have to change that. You will also have to negotiate with your carrier partners like UPS, USPS, or FedEx to do pickups on either Saturdays or Sundays.

Meeting the one-day delivery promises has also created issues. This requirement states that the one-day delivery option must be available to at least 30% of your page viewers for standard size items (5% for oversize). Two-day delivery options must be shown to 55% of viewers for standard items (30% for oversize). They have loosened these requirements due to COVID-19, one-day delivery is down to 5% instead of 30% until June 1st, 2021. This can create issues for all sellers for different reasons. Say you are on the East Coast, but most of your orders come from West Coast areas? How could you fulfill that order with the one-day delivery promise? Regional Prime offers, which are based on zip code, limit your buying audience and you may not reach your page view goals. If you only have one warehouse or very few, meeting that one-day promise sounds impossible or at least quite expensive. If none of your warehouses are near major populated areas with a lot of orders such as California, Texas, New York, Illinois, or Florida this can also make this one-day delivery promise hard to keep.


The reason Amazon may be doing this is to push more sellers toward FBA. Losing Prime eligibility can often cost you the Buy Box on product listings. Losing that, your offer is less likely to get noticed, which will lead to far fewer sales. Plus, there are over 126 million customers engaged in Amazon’s Prime loyalty program, making them eligible to order items with Prime benefits. This stat is growing more as Prime benefits are being expanded upon for the customer. Being without Prime offers with that large of a customer base is going to cost you as well. So, do you have a plan for your company to adapt to these new standards? Are you experiencing issues with trying to meet the requirements which are costing sales? 

If you are trying to sell products on Amazon, but are having a tough time keeping up, it may be better to partner with a third-party seller that is set up to meet these new challenges. Here at Avalanche, we’ve quickly adapted to Amazon’s new way of doing things and we are prepared to meet any future challenges as well. One of our goals for our partners is to take on the difficult tasks that come with selling on Amazon. If you have any questions about how we can help you with selling on Amazon you can contact us here on our site. Also, leave a comment with your experience with these new requirements, we love to hear other seller’s feedback.

Are Your Products Retail Ready?

January 22nd, 2021 Posted by 3rd party sellers, Advertising, Amazon, Brand Management, Production, Seller Central 0 thoughts on “Are Your Products Retail Ready?”

Are your Amazon product listings not selling as well as you may have thought? Ads for products getting clicked without making any sales? A common reason for this is that your listing is not Retail Ready. You may think that your listing has all of the relevant information, but there may be some things you missed or questions buyers have that you’ve not acknowledged. One must understand when a consumer is buying online that they cannot physically touch the product or gather as much information about it without aid from the seller. If you want your products to move faster and your ads to be more successful while keeping your ad spend down you need to understand how to make your product Retail Ready on Amazon.


There are a few steps to take to achieve retail readiness. First, the title of the listing. It should be optimized enough to attract customers that are often looking at countless options. With a detailed description of the product in a pleasing format, you can answer a lot of the customer’s questions with just this one element of your listing. Keep in mind your first 80 characters are crucial for shoppers, so enter the most relevant info there. Also, include your main keyword, without stuffing an overabundance of keywords in the title. Include information on packaging, dimensions, quantities, and colors.  


Product photos may play the strongest role in whether a customer clicks on your listing or not. In fact, 67% of online shoppers say that product images are very crucial for choosing and buying a product. So the most important things are to take high-quality product shots in the right lighting and utilize as much space in the photo for your product as you can. Show key features to your customers with infographics explaining the benefits of using your product. At a minimum have 6 images of your product and make sure they are at differing angles.

Bullet Points and Descriptions

When a potential buyer looks at your bullet points, he or she should know what you are selling and how useful your product will be after he or she purchases it from you. You should always use all 5 bullet points and mention your product’s key features in simple explanations. Add secondary keywords here, but keep it easy to read and natural sounding. Include all product details here such as dimension, color, shape, quantity, etc. Make them attention-grabbing with the first line of text. Product descriptions play a less important role, but it gives you an opportunity to tell your brand’s story or describe the product in a less-brief way, unlike your bullets. Make your description more like telling a story than a formal description.

Stock, Customer Reviews, and the Buy Box


Stock is an easy, but still very important, thing keep tabs on. Always make sure your product is not out of stock or low on stock for your buyers. No stock can create a bad impression than you can’t fulfill a buyer’s need on time. Organic rankings can be affected by listings that often run out of stock. Stock is something you can control, but customer ratings are a little bit out of your hands. Though they are important, 90% of customers who shop online and make a purchase only after reading through the reviews. Following the previous steps will ensure fewer negative reviews as the customer will most likely have all of the pertinent information on the product. A listing is officially retail-ready when it has at least 15 reviews and a total star rating of 3.5. Finally, to be retail ready it is essential to win the buy box. The box on the right has the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. The more you win, the higher your sales performance will be. A few tips on winning this box are, keeping your prices competitive and providing the best customer experiences to your buyers.


If some or many of your listings are not Retail Ready the time to go in and optimize them is NOW. Though a tip to think about is before you even consider creating an ad for any product, it should already be considered retail ready to ensure the best results. Avalanche is currently doing all of this for all our partnered brands. We work hard to make sure that each listing meets these criteria so we can have profitable ad campaigns. We work extra hard so that our client’s listings are the ones that stand apart from the many others and nab the sales.



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